Quicksand (PROFF Remix)



One of the Progressive scene's highly-praised and consistently impressive talents - LTN re-emerges on Enhanced Progressive with a studio fresh Remix from one of the hottest Progressive disciplines of recent times.

Russian producer PROFF has been responsible for many modern & classic Trance gems over the years, and now he brings his distinguished style back to Enhanced Progressive in a dazzling Remix of LTN's stand-out track 'Quicksand' - taken from the forthcoming People I'll Never Forget Remixes release which hits stores this Summer. Bringing his gritty, bass-heavy & atmospheric sound to an already expertly crafted euphoric LTN production, PROFF's interpretation elevates 'Quicksand' to another exquisite level.

An impressive take on an already brilliant production, PROFF returns to make his mark once again on Enhanced Progressive.

Artist: LTN

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 13th May 2016

  1. LTN - Quicksand (PROFF Extended Mix)
  2. LTN - Quicksand (PROFF Radio Edit)

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