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Amsterdam Enhanced 2016, Mixed by Cuebrick & Rodrigo Deem
With Amsterdam preparing itself for 2016's influx of the world's dance music industry, Enhanced Music compiles its yearly 'Amsterdam Enhanced' compilation drawing on label regulars Cuebrick & Rodrigo Deem to take the reins and showcase some of the label's recent gems.

German producer Cuebrick's Enhanced catalogue is ever-growing thanks to consistent additions in the form of recent hit with Colordrive 'Runners In Disguise' to the huge Breathe Carolina, APEK & Linney collab 'Safe', 'Amsterdam Enhanced 2016's first port-of-call sees Cuebrick pick out a comprehensive collection of fresh Enhanced Recordings releases.

From iconic 2016 label releases such as BRKLYN & Mariah McManus' 'Can't Get Enough', Ryos & KARRA's chart-topping hit 'Where We Are' & 'This Is Love' taken from Tritonal's exceptional second album to Cuebrick's very own Tomorrowland-storming Tritonal collaboration 'Iceland (Viking Clap)' - Cuebrick's opening offering on 'Amsterdam Enhanced 2016' brings the producer's expansive, festival-ready sound with a truly diverse selection.

Completing this year's compilation, Argentinian Trance producer Rodrigo Deem unveils a spine-tingling, euphoric collection of Enhanced Progressive's present output. A producer who's continued to build on his impressive catalogue with widely-supported productions such as; the million-streaming hit 'Anything', grooving, lush 'Lux' & the brand new 'Aeon', Rodrigo's thorough selection continues with stand-out label productions from Alex Klingle, LTN, Wrechiski, SCHALA, Daun Giventi and a whole host of both Enhanced Progressive regulars & newcomers.

Immerse yourself in the sound of Autumnal Amsterdam with Enhanced's encyclopaedic collection of current and future hits.
1. Thomas Hayes & Nomra feat. Ruby Prophet - We Can Be Beautiful (Extended Mix)
2. Cuebrick feat. Colordrive - Runners In Disguise (Extended Mix)
3. Ryos feat. KARRA - Where We Are (Extended Mix)
4. Savi feat. Bryce Fox - Breathe It In (Extended Mix)
5. Arno Cost feat. Eric Lumiere - Again (Danny Olson Remix)
6. BRKLYN feat. Mariah McManus - Can't Get Enough (Infuse Remix)
7. Manse feat. Cornelia Jakobs - We Come Alive (Extended Mix)
8. Breathe Carolina & Shanahan feat. Haliene - Stars & Moon (Y&V Remix)
9. Cuebrick & APEK feat. Linney - Safe (Breathe Carolina Extended Edit)
10. Tritonal x Cuebrick - Iceland (Viking Clap) (Extended Mix)
11. Volt & State - Anthems (Extended Mix)
12. Noah Neiman & The Mutints - Never Die (Extended Mix)
13. Tritonal feat. Chris Ramos & Shanahan - This Is Love (Extended Mix)
14. Aruna - Sunrise (Dynastrax & Party Killers Remix)
15. WildOnes feat. David Julien - Nobody But You (Extended Mix)
16. Reunify vs. Kris Maydak feat. Danyka Nadeau - Worth It (Willem de Roo Remix)
17. Noah Neiman & Meredith Call - You Are (Original Mix)
18. Daun Giventi - Ponyo (Extended Mix)
19. Marcus Santoro - There Is Only You (Extended Mix)
20. Rodrigo Deem - Lux (Extended Mix)
21. LTN feat. Love Dimension - Not With Me (Seawayz & Sollito Dub Remix)
22. Rodrigo Deem - Aeon (Extended Mix)
23. Noise Zoo - Spectre (Extended Mix)
24. Axis - Spirals (Extended Mix)
25. Square Two (US) - Rose (Extended Mix)
26. Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Extended Mix)
27. Rodrigo Deem & Las Salinas feat. Emily Harder - Anything (Extended Mix)
28. Stargliders - The Red Nebula (Extended Mix)
29. SCHALA - Algorithm (Extended Mix)
30. Wrechiski - Inhale (Extended Mix)
31. Breathe Carolina & Shanahan feat. Haliene - Stars & Moon (LTN Remix)
32. Mark Dreamer - Adventures (Extended Mix)
33. Aruna - Sunrise (Daun Giventi Remix)
34. Rodrigo Deem - Belvedere (Original Mix)
35. Cuebrick - Amsterdam Enhanced 2016 (Part 1) (Continuous Mix)
36. Rodrigo Deem - Amsterdam Enhanced 2016 (Part 2) (Continuous Mix)


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Tritonal, Ross Lynch, R5

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Tritonal & Sj feat. Emma Gatsby

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Madison Mars

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Tritonal feat. Steph Jones

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GAMMA GAMMA (Brillz Remix)

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