People I'll Never Forget



** Mixmag 'Album of the Month' (May 2015) **

As one of Asia's most respected and prominent producers, Louis Tan aka LTN, has seen growing successes of late with his unique approach to the increasingly saturated Progressive world. Steadily, LTN has been making a name for himself, breathing fresh air into the scene with thought out and innovative productions which have drawn praise from the best in the business.

With an increasing fan base emerging from LTN's penchant for pure Progressive, his first studio album 'People I'll Never Forget' has been demanded and sought after ever since LTN's first string of major releases - and finally, it's here.

Staying true to form, 'People I'll Never Forget' features an extensive range of vocalists & collaborators. From Arielle Maren to Christina Novelli, no stone is left unturned in the quest for an all-encompassing album which showcases LTN's resolute ability to combine some of the biggest talents and rising stars with graceful, driving Trance.

Contrived of brand new and exclusive material, 'People I'll Never Forget' sees LTN explore the full spectrum in a well-rounded album. From introducing affairs with the elegant 'Autumn Leaves' and building momentum with the drifting melodies of 'Fuego De Amor' and 'A Different Side of You' LTN effortlessly builds a stylish ebb & flow within tracks like 'Crystalline' and 'Just Another Man' which results in a fully flowing album for start to finish.

Bringing things back down to earth with the likes of 'Illusions' and 'Here I Am Again', 'People I'll Never Forget' glides away with three exclusive to iTunes Bonus Tracks which, in their extended form, perfectly bring the album to a close.

'People I'll Never Forget' is a genre-defining album which sees one of the scene's most iconic stars skilfully assembling a truly memorable journey.

Artist: LTN

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 11th May 2015

  1. LTN - Autumn Leaves (Album Mix)
  2. LTN feat. Arielle Maren - Let Me Go (LTN Sunrise Album Mix)
  3. LTN - A Long Walk To Freedom (Album Mix)
  4. LTN - Fuego De Amor (Album Mix)
  5. LTN feat. Arielle Maren - A Different Side Of You (Album Mix)
  6. LTN & Anushka Desai - Dreams Of Maya (Album Mix)
  7. LTN & Kokai feat. Ai Takekawa - Just Another Man (Album Mix)
  8. LTN - Feel Your Body Move (Album Mix)
  9. LTN feat. Diana Leah - Crystalline (Album Mix)
  10. LTN feat. Christina Novelli - Hold On To Your Heart (LTN Sunrise Album Mix)
  11. LTN feat. Hysteria! - Villain On The Run (Album Mix)
  12. LTN - Quicksand (Album Mix)
  13. LTN feat. Illuminor - Here I Am Again (Album Mix)
  14. LTN - Somebody I Could Be (Album Mix)
  15. LTN feat. Nina Carr - Illusions (Album Mix)
  16. LTN feat. Love Dimension - Not With Me (Album Mix)
  17. LTN feat. Arielle Maren - Live As One (Album Mix)
  18. LTN - Harbour Lights (Original Mix (Bonus Track))
  19. LTN - Walk On By (Original Mix (Bonus Track))
  20. LTN - Spirit In The Sky (Original Mix (Bonus Track))

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