Teardrops / Hopes & Fears



With two releases already out this year on Enhanced Progressive, Indonesian sensation Louis Tan aka LTN returns on the label with more melodic magic in the form of a double headed EP - 'Teardrops / Hopes & Fears'.

'Teardrops' puts on a display of progressive melodies and grooving basslines - a winning combination for this time of year with a release date set for this June!

Over on the B-side of this dual track EP we find 'Hopes & Fears'. Layered with impressive piano riffs, warm pads and of course that melodic edge, LTN delivers his finest one more time.

A stunning EP on Enhanced Progressive from prolific production talent - LTN!

Artist: LTN

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 23rd June 2014

  1. LTN - Teardrops (Original Mix)
  2. LTN - Hopes & Fears (Original Mix)

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