Show Me Heaven / Stop The Time



Indonesian talent - LTN is back on Enhanced Progressive with his next double sided release , 'Show Me Heaven' & 'Stop The Time'!

Here's producer that has gone from strength to strength on Enhanced in recent times, showing a varied set of skills when it comes to Progressive Trance. 'Show Me Heaven' is dreamy and delectable throughout, as LTN provides vocal chops, progressive plucks and warm summery pads which are built upon an electrifying bass arrangement.

The second side to this release comes in the form of 'Stop The Time' which is altogether more calm, showcasing a blissful rendition of progressive - something that LTN is known to execute perfectly.

A superb release yet again from LTN, with not 1, but 2 gems to enjoy!

Artist: LTN

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 1st July 2013

  1. LTN - Show Me Heaven (Original Mix)
  2. LTN - Stop The Time (Original Mix)

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