Noise Zoo


Noise Zoo is Thomas Jacobsen and Richard Gjerdin. Just cubs when they discovered the wonder of music, both artists have risen to prominence within the industry.

Thomas Jacobsen has created an impressive legacy under his alias, Jaco. Released on the likes of Black Hole Recordings, Enhanced and Euphonic, Jaco has been honoured with support by the big cats, Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz and Cosmic Gate.

Richard Gjerdin has produced a rousing body of work under his alias, Proglifter. His tracks appear on the likes of Enhanced and Progressive House Worldwide. Richard has also been humbled by support from Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Andy Moor and M.I.K.E.

The two artists have come together with a common purpose; to create a soundscape habitat where all creatures, great and small, can immerse themselves in music. As the duo opens the gates on their production together audiences can’t wait to take a trip to Noise Zoo!

Artist Releases

Hurt Like Love


You Wanna Be Someone


Enhanced Progressive - Amsterdam 2018, Mixed by Henry Dark


10 Years of Enhanced - 2008 - 2018




Faded Colours

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