Never Be Alone



Kudus brings in Mirjam Tumaini for exquisite new track 'Never Be Alone'.

Continuing to make strides in the world of prog trance is Kudus, the new alias of Dutch producer Estiva. He is joined by Swedish vocalist Mirjam Tumaini on 'Never Be Alone', a stylish production that opens with a tender piano and vocal moment before launching into typically vitalising, high-energy sonics with a slight techno-influence. Kudus' sound is one-of-a-kind on this anthemic new single!

Artist: Kudus & Mirjam Tumaini

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 17th June 2022

  1. Kudus & Mirjam Tumaini - Never Be Alone (Original Mix)
  2. Kudus & Mirjam Tumaini - Never Be Alone (Extended Mix)

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Never Be Alone