Into The Light



Here with the much anticipated follow up to the brilliant 'Love, You Call It', is Fredda. L & Fisher with their latest creation for Enhanced Progressive. Once again Fredda. L's lush production and warm chords are the perfect bed for the unique Fisher vocals, making yet another inspiring breakdown.

'Into The Light', is also remixed by the on fire Johan Malmgren, features an addictive base line groove that just makes you want to move your feet. A remix that hightlights neat vocal chops, and a clever arrangement endorsing a fun, yet taunting lead riff.

A superb release once again from Fredda. L & Fisher!

Artist: Fredda. L & Fisher

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 17th December 2012

  1. Fredda. L & Fisher - Into The Light (Johan Malmgren Remix)
  2. Fredda. L & Fisher - Into The Light (Original Mix)

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