Invincible / I'm Not So Different



Jackarta bring the 'Invincible / I'm Not So Different' EP to Colorize!

Moscow-based duo Jackarta have impressed with their contributions to the label so far, including 'Hang Loose', Sound Quelle collaboration 'Froggy' and a slick remix of Dezza's 'In Your Arms'. This new EP showcases the depth of their musicality as they explore new territory in the form of stylish breaks textures on 'Invincible', while 'I'm Not So Different' is an ethereal, feel-good production with its hazy, laid-back vibes and hypnotic groove making it a blissful delight.

Artist: Jackarta

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 24th November 2021

  1. Jackarta - Invincible (Original Mix)
  2. Jackarta - I'm Not So Different (Original Mix)
  3. Jackarta - Invincible (Extended Mix)
  4. Jackarta - I'm Not So Different (Extended Mix)

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