Tempus Delirium / Tide



Estiva stuns with the 'Tempus Delirium / Tide' EP!

One of Colorize's most established and consistent acts is Dutch DJ / Producer Estiva who brings a wealth experience and skill to each release. He just recently wrapped up select dates in North America playing with label mates Matt Fax and Dezza on the Colorscapes tour, and this new EP demonstrates a musician on a roll. 'Tempus Delirium' builds slowly but assuredly, with Estiva's techno-influenced sound blossoming with each beat as plucky synths rain down, while 'Tide' features jagged synths and accentuated percussion created with a more sparse and understated approach.

Artist: Estiva

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 12th November 2021

  1. Estiva - Tempus Delirium (Original Mix)
  2. Estiva - Tide (Original Mix)
  3. Estiva - Tempus Delirium (Extended Mix)
  4. Estiva - Tide (Extended Mix)

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