Stride / Sensory Deprivation



'Stride / Sensory Deprivation' is here from Jeff Ozmits!

Carving out a unique space for himself by creatively towing the line between progressive trance and progressive house is Chicago-based producer Jeff Ozmits. His debut release on Enhanced Progressive is a stellar two-track EP packed full of ferocious energy and slick production. 'Stride' packs a punch with towering sirens and punchy percussion, and 'Sensory Deprivation' is a powerful collaboration with Tanner Wilfong that opens with gargantuan synths and leads into a fierce, enthralling drop.

Artist: Jeff Ozmits

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 5th November 2021

  1. Jeff Ozmits - Stride (Original Mix)
  2. Jeff Ozmits & Tanner Wilfong - Sensory Deprivation (Original Mix)
  3. Jeff Ozmits - Stride (Extended Mix)
  4. Jeff Ozmits & Tanner Wilfong - Sensory Deprivation (Extended Mix)

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Stride / Sensory Deprivation