Out Of Sight / Realisation



Westseven & Aire Project bring the 'Out Of Sight / Realisation' EP to Colorize!

Coming in hot with their first release on the label are producers Westseven and Aire Project who impress with a two-track EP that showcases their mesmerising take on organic house. 'Out Of Sight' was premiered as part of Dezza's mix on Colorscapes Volume Three and it is joined by 'Realisation' with vocalist Ross Farren. The project takes you on an ethereal sonic journey, with both tracks featuring dense textures and glossy production that you can lose yourself in.

Artist: Westseven & Aire Project

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 13th October 2021

  1. Westseven & Aire Project - Out Of Sight (Original Mix)
  2. Westseven & Aire Project & Ross Farren - Realisation (Original Mix)

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Out Of Sight / Realisation