'Shelter' is the brilliant new EP from Luden, here on Enhanced Chill.

Making his debut on the label is Brooklyn-based musician Luden with one-of-a-kind three-track EP 'Shelter'. His singular sound radiates an effervescent joy and bliss thanks to an exceptional blend of organic instruments with electronic textures which he effortlessly weaves together to create wall-of-sound sonic collages. Opening track 'Shelter' features a mesmerising groove and ebullient melodies, a theme he carries into 'Nocturnal' on which continues to build energy with inviograting bass and dazzling percussion. Final track 'Habitat' features squelchy sonics and a more disparate makeup over which a hazy vocal waxes and wanes. It's an expansive and ambitious project from Luden who impresses with his stylish approach.

Artist: Luden

Label: Enhanced Chill

Released: 1st September 2021

  1. Luden - Shelter (Original Mix)
  2. Luden - Nocturnal (Original Mix)
  3. Luden - Habitat (Original Mix)

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