Nova / Found



Colorize's 300th release is here and what better way to celebrate than with an EP from Matt Fax and Estiva - this is 'Nova / Found'!

Coming in hot with a super slick collaboration EP is label stalwarts Matt Fax and Estiva, whose unique sounds merge together effortlessly on two truly invigorating tracks. 'Nova' opens proceedings with a distinct driving energy, with the duo crafting a club anthem that is guaranteed to pop off far and wide, while on 'Found' they make use of creative chord progressions and crisp sound design to keep things flowing immaculately. It's a spectacular EP and a fine commemoration of 300 releases here on Colorize - and here's to many more!

Matt Fax is going on tour with Dezza across North America this Fall, and they'll even be joined by Estiva on a couple of dates - you can grab tickets HERE.

Artist: Matt Fax & Estiva

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 20th August 2021

  1. Matt Fax & Estiva - Nova (Original Mix)
  2. Matt Fax & Estiva - Found (Original Mix)
  3. Matt Fax & Estiva - Nova (Extended Mix)
  4. Matt Fax & Estiva - Found (Extended Mix)

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Nova / Found