Get Out / Hear Me



'Get Out / Hear Me' is the flawless new EP from L.GU. on Colorize!

Having put out his debut release on the label in May with a stylish three track EP, his latest offering sees him continue to expand his well-rounded sound. 'Get Out' is synth-heavy and polished, with bold bass and a thumping groove, while 'Hear Me' is more ethereal and airy, with L.GU. demonstrating his effortless variety as a producer.

Artist: L.GU.

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 9th July 2021

  1. L.GU. - Get Out (Original Mix)
  2. L.GU. - Hear Me (Original Mix)
  3. L.GU. - Get Out (Extended Mix)
  4. L.GU. - Hear Me (Extended Mix)

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