Falls / Reflections



'Falls / Reflections' is the sublime new EP from Che-Yung on Colorize.

Following up on the April release of his brilliant remix of Estiva's 'Enemies', Che-Yung delights on Colorize with an impressive new EP. 'Falls' features rollicking synths that wax and wane effortlessly over an emotive chord progression, while on 'Reflections' he explores more bouncy territory with infectious groove and ethereal melodies.

Artist: Che-Yung

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 2nd July 2021

  1. Che-Yung - Falls (Original Mix)
  2. Che-Yung - Reflections (Original Mix)
  3. Che-Yung - Falls (Extended Mix)
  4. Che-Yung - Reflections (Extended Mix)

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