Only One / Valleria / Down



Dekkai bring their transcendent sound to Colorize with new EP 'Only One / Valleria / Down'!

With two EP releases on the label under their belt already, this new project showcases their resplendent sound in all its glory. They conjure moods of reflection and serenity and mix synthetic and organic sounds together to great effect across the three tracks that come together flawlessly to create a cohesive and engaging project.

Artist: Dekkai

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 25th June 2021

  1. Dekkai - Only One (Original Mix)
  2. Dekkai - Valleria (Original Mix)
  3. Dekkai - Down (Original Mix)
  4. Dekkai - Only One (Extended Mix)
  5. Dekkai - Valleria (Extended Mix)
  6. Dekkai - Down (Extended Mix)

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