I'll Find You



Man Cub teams up with Rickie Nolls and Kyle Reynolds for exuberant new single 'I'll Find You'!

Enhanced brings you a powerhouse trio on this latest release from Albuquerque producer Man Cub who is on a roll in 2021 with his third single of the year after the brilliant 'Real Me' and 'In The Air'. He's joined by producer Rickie Nolls and vocalist Kyle Reynolds on 'I'll Find You', a blissful anthem that incorporates Man Cub's emotive approach with Rickie Nolls' pristine production, with a soaring, captivating vocal from Kyle Reynolds giving the song profound substance.

Artist: Man Cub & Rickie Nolls & Kyle Reynolds

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 21st May 2021

  1. Man Cub & Rickie Nolls & Kyle Reynolds - I'll Find You (Original Mix)

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I'll Find You