Armentara / I Can't Sleep / Prisoner



A terrific debut from L.GU. on Colorize - this is 'Armentara / I Can't Sleep / Prisoner'.

Italian producer L.GU. unveils his distinct prog house style on Colorize with a release that explores the depths and layers of the genre with invigorating precision. On opening track 'Armentara' he uses an upbeat chord progression and rosy melodies to create an emotive and affecting production, while 'I Can't Sleep' is harder hitting and more club-friendly with its moodier vibe. He rounds things up on 'Prisoner', a slick track that combines aspects of the proceeding two, resulting in a more airy, ethereal and effervescent sound.

Artist: L.GU.

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 7th May 2021

  1. L.GU. - Armentara (Original Mix)
  2. L.GU. - I Can't Sleep (Original Mix)
  3. L.GU. - Prisoner (Original Mix)
  4. L.GU. - Armentara (Extended Mix)
  5. L.GU. - I Can't Sleep (Extended Mix)
  6. L.GU. - Prisoner (Extended Mix)

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Armentara / I Can't Sleep / Prisoner