Enemies (Remixes)



Estiva and RBBTS' 'Enemies' gets an Estiva club mix and remix from Che-Yung!

Colorize is delighted to bring you these two new versions of 'Enemies', one of the highlight releases of the year so far on the label from Dutch producer Estiva and duo RBBTS. Estiva puts a new spin on his own track, giving it a club-ready makeover that will pop off on dance floors far and wide, while talented producer Che-Yung serves up a flawless, clean and intoxicating remix that you'll have on repeat.

Artist: Estiva & RBBTS

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 23rd April 2021

  1. Estiva & RBBTS - Enemies (Estiva Club Mix)
  2. Estiva & RBBTS - Enemies (Che-Yung Remix)
  3. Estiva & RBBTS - Enemies (Original Mix)
  4. Estiva & RBBTS - Enemies (Estiva Extended Club Mix)
  5. Estiva & RBBTS - Enemies (Che-Yung Extended Remix)
  6. Estiva & RBBTS - Enemies (Extended Mix)

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Enemies (Remixes)