Run Away



This is 'Run Away' from Matt Fax and Viiq on Colorize!

We're delighted to bring you the single release of 'Run Away', the brilliant collaboration from Colorize front man Matt Fax and New Jersey-based singer / songwriter Viiq. Featuring a club mix in addition to the original version, 'Run Away' is a bold, mesmerising production from a pairing that strike gold. Viiq's stellar vocals breathe life into Matt Fax's exhilarating and expansive prog house sound, with the club mix guaranteed to pop off on dance floors far and wide.

Artist: Matt Fax & Viiq

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 16th April 2021

  1. Matt Fax & Viiq - Run Away (Club Mix)
  2. Matt Fax & Viiq - Run Away (Original Mix)
  3. Matt Fax & Viiq - Run Away (Extended Club Mix)
  4. Matt Fax & Viiq - Run Away (Extended Mix)

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Run Away