Forget Me



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Sindre Eide & Mark Andréz come together for the first time under their Eide & Andréz guise. As you would expect from the 18 year old Enhanced wonderkid, Eide, and Mark Andréz - a name who's definitely come to prominence in 09, this is crisp, intelligent trance.

Remix duties fall to two more from the Enhanced camp, the on fire Estiva and the superb Adymus. Estiva's irresistible grove and heavenly melodies are perfect once again as he takes the track in his own unique style to massive effect.

Adymus deliver's yet another stunning remix; huge, bassline driven atmospheric trance. What Adymus does so well is he encompasses the best of progressive and uplifting trance to fantastic effect, really taking the track in a whole new direction, whilst stabbing the vocal to great effect.

Yet more quality fare from the Enhanced boys.

Artist: Eide & Andréz

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 18th January 2010

  1. Eide & Andréz - Forget Me (Original Mix)
  2. Eide & Andréz - Forget Me (Estiva Remix)
  3. Eide & Andréz - Forget Me (Adymus Remix)

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Forget Me