Ebb & Flow #1



'Ebb & Flow #1' is here on Enhanced Progressive!

The first in an exciting new sampler series from Enhanced Progressive, on 'Ebb & Flow' we'll be bringing you outstanding progressive music with a diverse range of influences from dark to driving to melodic and everything in between.

Opening proceedings is Heard Right & Dyssa with 'Retrospective', a pristine, synth-heavy production that builds effervescent momentum through expansive sound design.

British producer Tephra follows with 'Foo', bringing together unique FX, gnarly synth bass and boisterous melodies in signature Tephra fashion to immaculate results.

Sysdemes, fresh from releasing his brilliant remix of Farius' 'Miami Love', wraps things up on 'Ebb & Flow #1' with 'Peak Darkness'; it's a triumph that showcases the American producer's ethereal blend of progressive and techno, using jagged synths and a pumping groove to create a truly transporting work.

Artist: Heard Right, Tephra, Sysdemes

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 12th February 2021

  1. Heard Right & Dyssa - Retrospective (Original Mix)
  2. Tephra - Foo (Original Mix)
  3. Sysdemes - Peak Darkness (Original Mix)
  4. Heard Right & Dyssa - Retrospective (Extended Mix)
  5. Tephra - Foo (Extended Mix)
  6. Sysdemes - Peak Darkness (Extended Mix)

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Ebb & Flow #1