Be Brave / Undertow



'Be Brave / Undertow' is the fresh new EP from djimboh on Colorize!

British producer djimboh has impressed on Colorize with his past few releases including 'Klave' with Mango and a standout remix of Dezza's 'Getaway'.

'Be Brave / Undertow' sees him hone his sound, effortlessly crafting two danceable, deftly-produced tracks that make use of mesmerising idiophone sounds, bubbling rhythms and ethereal synths to create a flawless EP.

Artist: djimboh

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 8th January 2021

  1. djimboh - Be Brave (Original Mix)
  2. djimboh - Undertow (Original Mix)
  3. djimboh - Be Brave (Extended Mix)
  4. djimboh - Undertow (Extended Mix)

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