Kinkajou / Vozzhayevka



Sound Quelle brings the 'Kinkajou / Vozzhayevka' EP to Colorize!

Russian producer Sound Quelle signs off a successful 2020 with one last treat. A follow up to his debut album 'Trait' which was released on Colorize in June, 'Kinkajou' with compatriot producer Max Wexem was premiered on Volume Two of annual Colorize compilation series 'Colorscapes'. It's a driving track from the duo who find a perfect balance between progressive and deep house. We also get a sumptuous solo offering from Sound Quelle in the form of 'Vozzhayevka', a polished, mesmerising production that isn't to be missed.

Artist: Sound Quelle & Max Wexem

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 18th December 2020

  1. Sound Quelle & Max Wexem - Kinkajou (Original Mix)
  2. Sound Quelle - Vozzhayevka (Original Mix)
  3. Sound Quelle & Max Wexem - Kinkajou (Extended Mix)
  4. Sound Quelle - Vozzhayevka (Extended Mix)

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Kinkajou / Vozzhayevka