Enhanced Music Best of 2020, mixed by Tritonal



Tritonal bring you the Enhanced Music Best of 2020!

2020 has been a standout year for Enhanced - we've seen Tritonal dominate with a flurry of standout releases; we had album releases from some of our most exciting artists in Matt Fax, Farius, Man Cub and Steve Brian; Enhanced Progressive celebrated 400 releases with a stellar Remixes album; Colorize saw Volume Two of it's annual 'Colorscapes' compilation come out with mixes from PRAANA, Matt Fax and Dezza; and we've hosted originals and remixes from artists who are lighting a fire in the dance music world.

Texas duo Tritonal bring it all together here in a triumphant mix that spans the best of Enhanced Recordings, Enhanced Progressive and Colorize. This 20-track mix celebrates a memorable year for the label and includes appearances from acts like Tritonal, Matt Fax, Farius, Man Cub, Steve Brian, Dezza, PRAANA, GATTÜSO & Disco Killerz, Au5 and more!

Artist: Tritonal

Label: Enhanced Music

Released: 11th December 2020

  1. PRAANA with Moore - Gold (Mixed)
  2. PRAANA & Ram Dass - Still Small Voice (Mixed)
  3. Matt Fax - Fallen (PROFF Remix Mixed)
  4. Dezza & Lauren L'aimant - Settle (Mixed)
  5. Matt Fax - Light On (Mixed)
  6. Dezza & EMME - Getaway (Mixed)
  7. Adam K - Calling For You (Mixed)
  8. Going Deeper & Amba Shepherd - Raindrops (Marcus Santoro Remix Mixed)
  9. Au5 - Answers (Mixed)
  10. Farius - Forever (Myon Summer of Love Mix Mixed)
  11. GATTÜSO & Disco Killerz - I'll Be The One (Mixed)
  12. Taylor Torrence feat. Natalie Major - If We Say Goodbye (Mixed)
  13. Tritonal & Man Cub - Worth It All (Mixed)
  14. Tritonal & Linney - Electric Kids (Mixed)
  15. Tritonal, HALIENE, SCHALA, Jorza - Long Way Home (Mixed)
  16. Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Paul Arcane Remix Mixed)
  17. Steve Brian & Danni Baylor - Damage Each Other (Mixed)
  18. Johan Vilborg & Chris James - Focus (Farius Remix Mixed)
  19. Tritonal with Brooke Williams - Someone To Love You (Mixed)
  20. Tritonal, Dylan Matthew, Au5 - Happy Where We Are (Mixed)

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Enhanced Music Best of 2020, mixed by Tritonal

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