Tree Of Life / Elderflower



Tommy Baynen raises the bar with his sparkling new EP - this is 'Tree Of Life / Elderflower'.

One of the most exciting new artists from the past year on Colorize, Finnish producer Tommy Baynen has excelled, establishing himself as one of the bright talents in the world of progressive house with his slick originals and remixes.

'Tree Of Life' was premiered as part of Volume Two of Colorize's 'Colorscapes' compilation - with its bold, throbbing groove, stylish synths and emotive melodies it was a sure highlight. It's joined here by 'Elderflower', a nuanced production in which he makes use of tender piano and percussion-soaked textures to create a introspective, poignant composition.

Tommy Baynen only gets better and you love to see it - this is 'Tree Of Life / Elderflower'!

Artist: Tommy Baynen

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 13th November 2020

  1. Tommy Baynen - Tree Of Life (Original Mix)
  2. Tommy Baynen - Elderflower (Original Mix)
  3. Tommy Baynen - Tree Of Life (Extended Mix)
  4. Tommy Baynen - Elderflower (Extended Mix)

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