Lycoris / Myosotis



Kanallia brings the 'Lycoris / Myosotis' EP to Enhanced Progressive!

Korean producer Kanallia first made waves on Enhanced Progressive in May with 'Spring Blossom', a lush collaboration with compatriot producer Sub Question.

Now continuing the floral theme, Kanallia's new EP 'Lycoris / Myosotis' showcases his production prowess and ability to write engaging prog trance. 'Lycoris' is an emotive anthem with riotous vocal chops, while 'Myosotis' hits hard with thunderous bass and infectious melodies.

Artist: Kanallia

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 4th December 2020

  1. Kanallia - Lycoris (Original Mix)
  2. Kanallia - Myosotis (Original Mix)
  3. Kanallia - Lycoris (Extended Mix)
  4. Kanallia - Myosotis (Extended Mix)

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