Colorscapes Volume Two



Colorize is delighted to present Colorscapes Volume Two, mixed by PRAANA, Dezza and Matt Fax!

Showcasing the cream of the crop from progressive, deep and melodic house music, the inaugural Colorscapes compilation was launched in September 2019 - it hit the iTunes top 10 and spawned a series of exciting events in London, with performances from acts like Matt Fax and Dezza making it a truly exciting showcase for underground house music. Now Colorscapes returns for Volume Two - with 50 tracks spread across three mixes from PRAANA as well as previous acts Dezza and Matt Fax, this year's edition packs a punch!

Volume Two opens with a gripping mix from PRAANA who have established themselves as a key act on Colorize over the past year with their stunning brand of melodic house. In 2020 they've guest-mixed on Above and Beyond's Group Therapy, have released a flurry of impressive, unique singles on Colorize and Lane 8's label imprint This Never Happened, and seen tracks on rotation on Sirius XM. Capping off a standout year, they condense their sound into a riveting 21-track mix that is woven together by the words of American spiritualist Ram Dass, who's message of awareness and mindfulness flows fluently over PRAANA's impressive selection of tracks. Their own singles 'I Am' with American duo LEVV and recent single 'Sun Sparks' feature alongside unreleased original 'Samadhi', while also showcasing productions from familiar Colorize names Sound Quelle and LEVV. They also bring new names to the fore, with some having made waves over the past year on the label like Tommy Baynen and Murtagh, and some making their label debuts, including Klur, Solanca, Che-Yung and Tygris.

Following PRAANA is a mix from household Colorize name Dezza that reflects his unique brand of deep and driving house music. The Canadian producer had a grand 2019 which saw the release of his debut album 'Cosmos' which he supported with tour dates in London, Amsterdam, Vancouver, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and New York. He has gone from strength to strength in 2020, releasing first-rate singles that will culminate in his forthcoming second studio album in the coming months. His mix for Volume Two features a collection of his recent output, including 'Close Your Eyes', 'Avenoir', the djimboh remix of 'Getaway' and unreleased single 'Settle', as well as tracks from Deeparture, Cabriolet Paris and Axis, and label newcomers Jackarta, Trilucid, and Morgin Madison.

Concluding proceedings is perennially in-form Colorize artist Matt Fax. The French DJ / Producer released his second studio album 'Progressions' in April this year, a milestone in his career as a musician and a triumph in the world of progressive house which featured a range of exciting collaborations including BT, Richard Bedford and LEVV. He started a tour in early 2020 with Jason Ross which hopefully gets the chance to conclude next year as well as remixing Ross and Lane 8 and releasing a slick EP on Anjunabeats. Matt Fax unveils a host of unreleased material in a captivating Colorscapes mix that explores the progressive sounds he champions, including 'Shuttle', 'Lyra', 'Atlas' and 'Run Away'. Other highlights include 'All Of Me', Estiva's first single on Colorize in three years, a collaboration with Sound Quelle 'Sunburst', and debut Colorize productions from the likes of Just Her, Trilucid, Avoure and Bandēs.

We will be bringing you live shows in support of Colorscapes just like we did in 2019 as soon as it is safe to do so - we can't wait to dance into the sunset with fans once again to these three exhilarating mixes.

Artist: PRAANA, Dezza, Matt Fax

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 2nd October 2020

  1. PRAANA & Ram Dass - Ocean Of Loving Awareness (Intro)
  2. Murtagh - Saturn (with Ram Dass) (Mixed)
  3. Klur - Odysée (Mixed)
  4. LEVV, Sj, Audrey Assad - Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Mixed)
  5. Tommy Baynen - Tree Of Life (Mixed)
  6. Murtagh, PRAANA - Sunbeam Asylum (PRAANA Mashup Mixed)
  7. Bandēs - Light Years (with Ram Dass) (Mixed)
  8. PRAANA - Samadhi (Mixed)
  9. PRAANA & LEVV - I Am (Loving Awareness Mix) (Mixed)
  10. Solanca - Feels Like Home (with Ram Dass) (Mixed)
  11. Heard Right & OAI - Oceans (with Ram Dass) (Mixed)
  12. Klur - Summit (Mixed)
  13. Alex Breitling - Division (Instrumental Mix) (Mixed)
  14. Sound Quelle & Max Wexem - Kinkajou (with Ram Dass) (Mixed)
  15. djimboh - Undertow (Mixed)
  16. PRAANA - Sun Sparks (Mixed)
  17. Che-Yung - Rainy Sleep (with Ram Dass) (Mixed)
  18. King & Early feat. Lauren L’aimant - Begin Again (with Ram Dass) (Mixed)
  19. Tygris - Dark Sun (with Ram Dass) (Mixed)
  20. PRAANA - Mojave (Boxer Remix Mixed)
  21. PRAANA & Ram Dass - Ocean Of Loving Awareness (Outro)
  22. Jackarta - Hang Loose (Mixed)
  23. Trilucid & Esque - Illuminant (Mixed)
  24. Dezza & Lauren L'aimant - Settle (Mixed)
  25. djimboh - Be Brave (Mixed)
  26. ANUQRAM & Eugene Becker - Lavaredo (Mixed)
  27. Morgin Madison & Meeting Molly - Step By Step (Mixed)
  28. Axis - When The Night Falls (Mixed)
  29. Cabriolet Paris - Cloudwalker (Klur Remix Mixed)
  30. Deeparture - Ignition (Mixed)
  31. Tommy Baynen - Bird Song (Mixed)
  32. Dezza - Close Your Eyes (Mixed)
  33. Dezza - Avenoir (Mixed)
  34. Dezza & EMME - Getaway (djimboh Remix Mixed)
  35. Dezza - Cosmos (Bryn Liedl Remix Mixed)
  36. Matt Fax feat. RBBTS - Set Your Sails (OCULA Remix Mixed)
  37. Avoure - Pangea (Mixed)
  38. Estiva & Diana Miro - All Of Me (Mixed)
  39. Matt Fax - Atlas (Mixed)
  40. Estiva - Rush Hour (Mixed)
  41. Boxer feat. Kate Walsh - Feels (Mixed)
  42. Matt Fax - Shuttle (Mixed)
  43. Matt Fax - Lyra (Mixed)
  44. Matt Fax - Fallen (PROFF Remix Mixed)
  45. Matt Fax & Sound Quelle - Sunburst (Mixed)
  46. Trilucid - Glimmer In The Dark (Mixed)
  47. Bandēs - Borealis (Mixed)
  48. Fløa & OAI - You Are (Mixed)
  49. Matt Fax & Viiq - Run Away (Mixed)
  50. Just Her - All We Have Is Now (Mixed)

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