'Horsepower' is here from Nikhil Prakash and Tomac on Enhanced Progressive!

L.A.-based DJ / Producer Nikhil Prakash brings his second release to Enhanced Progressive after remixing Juventa's 'The Strip' in style as part of the label's 400th release celebration.

'Horsepower' is a gargantuan single from the combo of Prakash and Montreal-based DJ / Producer Tomac; hitting hard and fast with pristine production and intense energy, this new single is a prog trance dynamo - and look out for that massive drop!

Artist: Nikhil Prakash & Tomac

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 2nd October 2020

  1. Nikhil Prakash & Tomac - Horsepower (Original Mix)
  2. Nikhil Prakash & Tomac - Horsepower (Extended Mix)

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