Suspended Animation



Sunleed made quite an impression with his debut EP last year, finding favour with the likes of Armin van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold.

'Suspended Animation' continues where the last release left off. Yet again delivering a multifaceted production which demonstrates his keen eye for detail and deep, dark soundscapes, 'Suspended Animation' is a feast for the ears that will not disappoint.

On remix duties is US talent Johnny Yono. Keeping it dark, Johnny injects his own techy beats and pulsing bassline which really work well with the key elements of the original, and make this another great remix from Johnny.

Artist: Sunleed

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 20th August 2012

  1. Sunleed - Suspended Animation (Original Mix)
  2. Sunleed - Suspended Animation (Johnny Yono Remix)

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