Borealis / Light Years



American producer Bandēs announces himself to the world with a truly captivating EP - this is 'Borealis / Light Years' on Colorize!

Opening with emotive and danceable track 'Borealis' and following up with a more airy and ethereal approach on 'Light Years', Bandēs' slick, flawless production makes these two tracks an exceptional listen. He brings a sublime, emotionally-rich core to these two tracks as well, finding a luscious sweet spot between dance floor-ready territory and invigorating intimacy.

Artist: Bandēs

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 18th September 2020

  1. Bandēs - Borealis (Original Mix)
  2. Bandēs - Light Years (Original Mix)
  3. Bandēs - Borealis (Extended Mix)
  4. Bandēs - Light Years (Extended Mix)

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Borealis / Light Years