'Getaway' is the brand new single from Dezza on Colorize!

Featuring the vocal talents of LA-based singer / songwriter EMME, 'Getaway' is a driving prog house production with an emotive core that builds up around luscious pads, punchy percussion, saturated bass and bouncy pianos. EMME's gorgeous melodies will seep into your brain and Dezza's typically first-rate production shines on a track that has us hyped for what's to come from the Canadian producer's forthcoming second album.

Dezza and EMME are here to serenade you with 'Getaway'!

Artist: Dezza & EMME

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 4th September 2020

  1. Dezza & EMME - Getaway (Original Mix)
  2. Dezza & EMME - Getaway (Extended Mix)

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