Maelstrom / Leviathan



Hausman and 5ALVO bring 'Maelstrom / Leviathan' to Enhanced Progressive!

Boston-based producer Hausman follows up his previous trailblazing EP 'Vermillion / Cerulean' with a top-flight new collaboration with Kentucky-based producer 5ALVO.

The duo's heavy-hitting production features heavily distorted synths, slick guitar licks and bombastic drums, with a varied sonic palate and unique approach making this a truly exciting listen.

'Maelstrom / Leviathan' is the new EP from Hausman and 5ALVO!

Artist: Hausman & 5ALVO

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 21st August 2020

  1. Hausman & 5ALVO - Maelstrom (Original Mix)
  2. Hausman & 5ALVO - Leviathan (Original Mix)
  3. Hausman & 5ALVO - Maelstrom (Extended Mix)
  4. Hausman & 5ALVO - Leviathan (Extended Mix)

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Maelstrom / Leviathan