Enhanced Progressive 400, mixed by Farius



Enhanced Progressive 400 is here with a special DJ mix from Farius!

Celebrating 400 releases on Enhanced Progressive since the label's first release in 2005, we are delighted to bring you ten remixes of classic Enhanced Progressive tunes from current label artists, put together in a smooth DJ mix from UK DJ / Producer Farius.

With a stellar tracklist including originals and remixes from the likes of Farius himself, Audien, Juventa, Johan Vilborg, Karanda, Dezza, Taylor Torrence, Auglo, Alex Klingle, Thomas Hayes, Paul Arcane, Boxer and more, this compilation is chock full of some of the most exciting progressive trance in 2020 from some of the genre's most exciting artists old and new.

Get your party hats out because Enhanced Progressive 400 is here!

Artist: Farius

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 17th July 2020

  1. Johan Vilborg - Mai Tai (Dezza Remix Mixed)
  2. Audien - Keep This Memory (Boxer Remix Mixed)
  3. Thomas Hayes - Cirrus (Adrian Alexander Remix Mixed)
  4. Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Paul Arcane Remix Mixed)
  5. Juventa - The Strip (Nikhil Prakash Remix Mixed)
  6. Nic Toms - Velvet (Farius Remix Mixed)
  7. JPL - A Better Daze (Karanda Remix Mixed)
  8. Agulo - Fire Sign (Quizzow Remix Mixed)
  9. Paul Tarrant - Sunset Serenade (Taylor Torrence Remix Mixed)
  10. Karanda feat. Laura Shea - Agony (Sodality Remix Mixed)

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