Home Again



A thrilling banger up next on Enhanced Progressive - this is 'Home Again' by Farius featuring London Thor.

Following up on a series of successful remixes and singles in 2019, UK DJ / Producer Farius unveils 'Home Again', a new sneak peak of his upcoming album on Enhanced Progressive.

Featuring luscious vocals from LA-based Singer / Songwriter London Thor, 'Home Again' is an exciting Prog Trance banger that hits hard and is guaranteed to blow you away.

A brand new single here from Farius - this is 'Home Again'!

Artist: Farius feat. London Thor

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 24th January 2020

  1. Farius feat. London Thor - Home Again (Original Mix)
  2. Farius feat. London Thor - Home Again (Extended Mix)

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Home Again