Jandri / Dream Any Dream



Boxer brings his unique sound to Colorize once again with 'Jandri / Dream Any Dream'.

Following the success of his stellar remix of PRAANA's 'Mojave', Boxer continues to have a strong 2019 with EP-opener 'Jandri' having been premiered on Colorize's 'Colorscapes' Compilation as part of Matt Fax's mix. Across this new EP Boxer uses atmospheric jungle sounds, tribal vocal chanting and obscure audio snippets to create a singular vibe with his intricate, groovy percussion giving it a compelling dance floor twist.

Colorize is delighted to welcome back Boxer with his first original release of 2019!

Artist: Boxer

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 18th October 2019

  1. Boxer - Jandri (Original Mix)
  2. Boxer - Dream Any Dream (Original Mix)
  3. Boxer - Jandri (Club Mix)
  4. Boxer - Jandri (Extended Mix)
  5. Boxer - Dream Any Dream (Extended Mix)
  6. Boxer - Jandri (Extended Club Mix)

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