Defect / 8022



farfetch'd bring their second EP to Colorize with the terrific double A-sides 'Defect / 8022'.

After releasing their first EP on the label with 'Uphere / Bell Damm', and then premiering 'Defect' on the 'Colorscapes' compilation mixed by Matt Fax and Dezza, Colorize is delighted to be bringing you more music from the Swedish duo. This new EP is undeniably funky and takes inspiration from French Dance/Disco acts like Daft Punk and Justice. 'Defect' features a super groovy baseline and stuttering synth melodies, while on '8022' the duo make use of subdued vocal samples and arpeggiated synths to great effect.

Groove and funk from farfetch'd on their second Colorize release.

Artist: farfetch'd

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 4th October 2019

  1. farfetch'd - Defect (Original Mix)
  2. farfetch'd - 8022 (Original Mix)

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