Uphere / Bell Damm



farfetch'd debut on Colorize with superb two-track EP 'Uphere / Bell Damm'.

The Swedish duo brings an exciting new sound to the label with their pristine brand of Deep House. 'Uphere' features silky synthetic string runs and radio snippets over a driving bass groove, while on 'Bell Damm' the duo explores airy textures over an energetic piano progression and make use of a tender violin to give the track an original flavour.

Can't wait to hear more from this exciting Swedish act!

Artist: farfetch'd

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 23rd August 2019

  1. farfetch'd - Uphere (Original Mix)
  2. farfetch'd - Bell Damm (Original Mix)
  3. farfetch'd - Uphere (Extended Mix)
  4. farfetch'd - Bell Damm (Extended Mix)

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