Sqaaq / Layl



Undefined (MT) bring their first release to Colorize in emphatic fashion with the 'Sqaaq / Layl' EP.

The Maltese producer duo unveils their polished Deep House sound on Colorize with a dazzling two track EP. 'Sqaaq' draws you in with its inescapably groovy feel as fleeting vocals drift in and out of focus, while 'Layl' features intricate sound design and pristine percussion.

Colorize is proud to present Undefined (MT) and their first project on the label, 'Sqaaq / Layl'.

Artist: Undefined (MT)

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 30th August 2019

  1. Undefined (MT) - Sqaaq (Original Mix)
  2. Undefined (MT) - Layl (Original Mix)
  3. Undefined (MT) - Sqaaq (Extended Mix)
  4. Undefined (MT) - Layl (Extended Mix)

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Sqaaq / Layl