The Gallery - Social Deconstruction



The Gallery is world renowned, having provided 'excellence in the art of sound' to crazy clubbers for over seventeen poignant years.

Every Friday at London's iconic Ministry Of Sound, those revolutionary laser tinged sessions have entrenched The Gallery into a life ritual. Showcasing sacred headline acts alongside cutting edge talent, The Gallery is forever amassing a loyal fan base. 'Social Deconstruction' reflects why.

With conventional compilations churning out seemingly the same material, Social Deconstruction features The Gallery's current legends and future heroes. Each with an exclusive track built explicitly from scratch, their Gallery experience has been broken down, analysed and re-constructed in musical form. Riffs, synths and loops lovingly assembled, to represent each artist's most cherished Gallery memory. From Ministry's main room debauchery, through to next door's hectic 103 melange, Social Deconstruction dismantles The Gallery magic into an electronic aural blueprint.

The rush, the crowd, the love, the euphoria. Each part interlocking for that life changing experience, across 24 ground breaking tracks - that can't be heard anywhere else from the likes of Kyau vs Albert, Tritonal, W&W, Jochen Miller, The Thrillseekers, Ronski Speed, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Manuel De La Mare, Daniel Kandi, Max Graham, M.I.K.E, Stoneface & Terminal and many more!

'Social Deconstruction is special, having been developed specifically with Gallery fans in mind. It also reflects our forward thinking resolve, which defines The Gallery night from any other. I'd like to thank every artist who has devoted their time and effort. A dedication shared by the faithful week in, week out. For this The Gallery is eternally grateful.' Gavyn Mytchel (Gallery Resident)

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Enhanced Music

Released: 28th May 2012

  1. Gavyn Mytchel - EC1 to SE1 (Original Mix)
  2. Manuel De La Mare - 103 (Original Mix)
  3. My Digital Enemy - Totem 103 (Original Mix)
  4. Marcel Woods - New Feeling (DJ Feel 2012 Remix)
  5. Riley & Durrant - Femme Retrospectif (Original Mix)
  6. Ronski Speed - Proton 12 (Ronski Speed & Cressida Mix)
  7. First State - Backstage (Original Mix)
  8. Claudia Cazacu - Emerge (Original Mix)
  9. Ali Wilson - Quest (Original Mix)
  10. Tritonal & Kaeno - Azuca (Original Mix)
  11. The Thrillseekers - Into The Dawn (Gallery 5am Mix)
  12. Kyau & Albert - The Box (Original Mix)
  13. Gavyn Mytchel - The Gallery - Social Deconstruction (Disc One - Continuous DJ Mix)
  14. Martin Roth - I MOS You (Dark & Long Mix)
  15. Paul Thomas - Galeria (Original Mix)
  16. Oliver Lang - Cash Point (Original Mix)
  17. Alex M.O.R.P.H - 103 Gaunt Street (Original Mix)
  18. Jochen Miller - BAMM! (Gallery Edit)
  19. Max Graham - Sona (Original Mix)
  20. M.I.K.E. - Embrace (Original Mix)
  21. Stoneface & Terminal - Gallery Of Sound (Original Mix)
  22. Ben Nicky ft. Luke Potter - Walls (Original Mix)
  23. Lisa Lashes - Interconnect (Original Mix)
  24. Daniel Kandi - Insert Generic Title (The Gallery Bangin' Mix)
  25. W&W - White Label (Original Mix Edit)
  26. Gavyn Mytchel - The Gallery - Social Deconstruction (Disc Two - Continuous DJ Mix)

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