Descend / Saturate



André Sobota brings his unique sound to Colorize once again with the 'Descend / Saturate' EP.

An innovative production style distinguishes Sobota in the world of Progressive House. Opening track 'Descend' features novel percussion paired with a pleasing chord progression, while 'Saturate' uses an ambient/experimental influence to great effect.

Colorize is delighted to welcome back André Sobota with this brand new EP.

Artist: André Sobota

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 7th June 2019

  1. André Sobota - Descend (Original Mix)
  2. André Sobota - Saturate (Original Mix)
  3. André Sobota - Descend (Extended Mix)
  4. André Sobota - Saturate (Extended Mix)

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