The First Man EP



Mike Saint-Jules makes his Colorize debut as MSJ with magnificent EP 'The First Man'.

The New York-based DJ/Producer breathes life into a classic House sound on an impressive three-track EP that features House pianos, ethereal pads, punchy percussion and lunar soundscape elements. 'The First Man', the eponymous second track of the EP, is a highlight with its upbeat chord progression and unique sound design.

Colorize is proud to present 'The First Man' by MSJ.

Artist: MSJ

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 24th May 2019

  1. MSJ - Butterfly Nebula (Original Mix)
  2. MSJ - The First Man (Original Mix)
  3. MSJ - Lunar Landing (Original Mix)
  4. MSJ - Butterfly Nebula (Extended Mix)
  5. MSJ - The First Man (Extended Mix)
  6. MSJ - Lunar Landing (Extended Mix)

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The First Man EP