Cabriolet Paris is joined by Lake Jons for celestial single 'Cloudwalker'.

A unique percussive groove is the foundation for an effortless cross-genre collaboration that sees singer Jooel from Finnish indie duo Lake Jons team up with Prog House specialist Cabriolet Paris. Jooel's reverb-drenched vocals and background vocalisations are paired delightfully with Cabriolet Paris' forward-thinking dance sound to create a sonically-unique affair.

Colorize is proud to present 'Cloudwalker', a blissfully nebulous release from Cabriolet Paris and Lake Jons.

Artist: Cabriolet Paris

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 3rd May 2019

  1. Cabriolet Paris - Cloudwalker (Original Mix)
  2. Cabriolet Paris - Cloudwalker (Extended Mix)

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