Current / The Way Out



Colorize mainstay, André Sobota is back with his brand new and beautifully progressive EP 'Current / The Way Out'.

Beginning with the EP with 'Current', the lighter hearted and more uplifting of the two tracks, André delivers gorgeously ambient pads, warm building synths and crisp percussion in this superb grooving opener.

Next up André brings 'The Way Out' - the deeper, darker and more mysterious track on the EP. Taking no prisoners 'The Way Out', displays rolling synths, deep bass and rising pads which knit the record together, perfectly rounding off this brilliant double sided EP releases.

Artist: André Sobota

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 8th March 2019

  1. André Sobota - Current (Original Mix)
  2. André Sobota - The Way Out (Original Mix)
  3. André Sobota - Current (Extended Mix)
  4. André Sobota - The Way Out (Extended Mix)

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