Hard Pass



One step closer to the highly-anticipated U & Me artist album release from Dance titans Tritonal, and Chad & Dave drop their second release for 2019, once again featuring the beautiful vocals of Ryann in 'Hard Pass'.

Teaming up with the super talented songstress Ryann, who has recently delivered on the duo's 'Easy' together with Enhanced's own Kapera, Tritonal showcase a spacious and soothing pop mix, filled with their typically catchy chord progressions and intricate lead FX, wrapped around this deep and meaningful vocal performance.

Yet another taste of things to come from U & Me, Tritonal deliver the stunning 'Hard Pass' with Ryann.

Artist: Tritonal With Ryann

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 1st March 2019

  1. Tritonal With Ryann - Hard Pass (Original Mix)

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Hard Pass