One of Enhanced Progressive's longest standing names has seen a resurgent 2018 that's included several blistering comeback singles, an expansive label celebratory compilation and numerous pivotal remixes, Steve Brian caps off an outstanding year with the arrival of his second studio album, 'Wanderlust'.

An ever-present name in the world of Trance & Progressive for over a decade, German producer Steve Brian has remained a powerful force on Enhanced Progressive consistently releasing melodic anthems. No year has Steve been more prolific than in 2018, with six Originals and several remixes, Steve's busiest year yet concludes with his biggest collection of work yet in 'Wanderlust'.

Including all his standout releases of 2018; 'Footprint', 'Reverie' with Trance titans Kyau & Albert, 'Stadium One', 'Wait For Me', 'Hyperwave' & latest single 'In Your Eyes', amongst six other exclusive new productions, complete with two additional bonus tracks, 'Wanderlust' delivers a complete collection of Steve Brian's well-loved melodic production style.

With impressive new vocal productions like 'Yamakhosi' featuring Tumi Thusi, alternative takes on hits like 'Kyoto' & 'Wait For Me' plus a host of collaborations with up-and-coming producers like Dezza, x.endra & Kukuzenko, 'Wanderlust' offers a exploratory journey into the world of Steve Brian as its name suggests.

Artist: Steve Brian

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 7th December 2018

  1. Steve Brian & York feat. Tumi Thusi - Yamakhosi (Original Mix)
  2. Steve Brian & Eric Lumiere - In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
  3. Kyau & Albert, Steve Brian - Reverie (Original Mix)
  4. Steve Brian & Christian Carcamo - Wait For Me (Original Mix)
  5. Steve Brian - You Don't Care (Original Mix)
  6. Steve Brian - Riviera (Original Mix)
  7. Steve Brian - Footprint (Original Mix)
  8. Steve Brian & x.endra - Bed Of Roses (Original Mix)
  9. Steve Brian & Dezza - Snowangel (Original Mix)
  10. Steve Brian - Kyoto (Original Mix)
  11. Steve Brian & Kukuzenko - LA Coastline (Original Mix)
  12. Steve Brian & Tabasco Bob - Time & Time (Original Mix)
  13. Steve Brian - Hyperwave (Original Mix)
  14. Steve Brian & Emme - Stadium One (Original Mix)
  15. Steve Brian - Sanremo (Original Mix)
  16. Steve Brian feat. Christian Carcamo - Wait For Me (Alternative Version (Bonus Track))
  17. Steve Brian - Kyoto (Steve Brian Ocean Influence Mix (Bonus Track))

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