Don't Know / Episode



Bringing an exceptional two-track debut EP to Colorize, Heard Right makes a welcome introduction to the label with the arrival of 'Don't Know / Episode'.

Opening with the blissful 'Don't Know', Heard Right's distinct style makes an impactful arrival on Colorize with its subtle grooves and underlying energy.

Next up 'Episode' brings a more dub oriented production, filled with chunky bassline jostle and airy synth layers.

A truly impressive debut from Belarusian Heard Right - we warmly welcome him with 'Don't Know / Episode'.

Artist: Heard Right

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 2nd November 2018

  1. Heard Right - Don't Know (Original Mix)
  2. Heard Right - Episode (Original Mix)
  3. Heard Right - Don't Know (Extended Mix)
  4. Heard Right - Episode (Extended Mix)

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