Driveby / Timeline



After their explosive first collaboration it's fair to say the follow up from Starshifters has been eagerly awaited, and Suncatcher & Mihai M do not disappoint, with a breathtaking double header.

Kicking off with Driveby, their infectious groove, warm chords and memorable hooks are all apparent in this brilliantly slick trancer.

Timeline delivers their classic, driving trance style, packed with layer upon layer of lush synths creating an almighty swell of sound that encapsulates the listener in euphoria before the peak time pay off is unleashed!

Stunning work once again from Suncatcher & Mihai M pres. Starshifters.

Artist: Suncatcher & Mihai M pres. Starshifters

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 23rd April 2012

  1. Suncatcher & Mihai M pres. Starshifters - Driveby (Original Mix)
  2. Suncatcher & Mihai M pres. Starshifters - Timeline (Original Mix)

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Driveby / Timeline