U Found Me



Two of the dance world's most prolific producers in 2018 make their next move of the year with the arrival of another bonafide, stand-out Tritonal hit - Chad & Dave surge back into the limelight with their infectious new single 'U Found Me'.

As the year draws into the Fall months, Chad & Dave's latest energised production marks the duo's sixth track of the year. 'U Found Me' delivers a bright, uplifting dose of the veteran duo's distinct productions, bulging with glitchy melodic flavour & driving undertones whilst subtle guitar leads build into a cascading concoction of flared bass & pulsating synth stabs, ' U Found Me' delivers a timely dose of Tritonal's un-missable productions.

Artist: Tritonal

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 5th October 2018

  1. Tritonal - U Found Me (Original Mix)
  2. Tritonal - U Found Me (Extended Mix)

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